BEOTS 2007

First there were 5 (Sky Tour 2005). Then there were 17 (Sky Tour 2006). We projected the year 2007 to have even a larger gathering of Cloudy Nights members to attend the Sky Tour event. But as the date got closer, disaster struck. We had news that the event wasn’t going to happen in 2007. That meant we had no place to meet up for our “annual” gathering. Paul and I had moved into town for a few years to be closer to my grandmother (Nanny) so we certainly couldn’t have it at our place. John and Jim also lived in town. Thankfully Scott had a nice place with some land and he and his family welcomed the group with open arms to the “Horstman Observatory Cluster” for what sparked the beginning of the “Buck-Eye on the Sky” annual summer star parties.

The first annual BEOTS star party had over 40 people on both nights and friends from several states made the journey. Paul couldn’t make it, but my astro dog, Riser, went with me. Unfortunately he’s no longer with us and very much missed.



I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but some of the highlights were Mike R’s chili, solar observing, raffling prizes (introduction of the fashionable, studly man-bag), watching my sista Steph H riding around in a go-cart with Nikki H, kisses from Rusty’s not spoiled rotten Golden Retrievers (Maggie and Casey), and the kitten party favors. Above all else, the hospitality of the Horstmans and the friendship of all who attend (whether old or new) is what makes BEOTS so fabulous. It’s a relaxed environment where everyone is made to feel completely at home and it shows just by seeing everyone laughing and having a great time both on and off the observing field. It’s one of those star parties that if we have clear skies, it’s a bonus…but certainly not needed to enjoy ourselves!

Thank you, Scott, Diane, Nikki, and Jason, from the bottom of our hearts for hosting this event!

(The photos are credited to various BEOTS friends…unfortunately, I can’t remember who took what!)


~ by Erika Rix on July 7, 2011.

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