General Astronomy

APOD – Astronmomy Picture of the Day – Daily image of our universe with brief explanation of the object

Astronomical League – One of the largest amateur astronomical organizations in the world, promoting incentives for observing and research, communications with other clubs, and education

Cloudy Night Telescope Reviews – Likely the most valuable astro resource out there…forums, reviews, articles, huge membership of fellow observers sharing information, classifieds. In other words, you name it, CN has it.

COSMOS – The SAO Encyclopedia of Astronomy – “Cosmos is a unique astronomy reference written by research astronomers. Our encyclopedia entries are for a general audience who wish to know detailed information on a wide range of astronomical topics.”

Heavens Above – Real-time satellite, ISS, and Space Shuttle orbital pass information, maps, and star charts by Chris Peat

IAU: Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams – “The CBAT is responsible for the dissemination of information on transient astronomical events and various IAU news including the announcement of designations and names of various celestial objects.”

LVAS Observer’s Challenge – Monthly observing challenge to encourage visual observing, by Roger Ivester, Rob Lambert, and Fred Rayworth

NASA – NASA’s home page – Space and NASA News

The Calendar-Sky – Personalized astro-calendar


~ by Erika Rix on February 7, 2011.

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