Published Material and Mentions


Published by Springer
Co-authored by Rich Handy, David Moody, Jeremy Perez, Erika Rix, and Sol Robbins

Published by Springer (December, 2011)
Co-authored by Rich Handy, Deirdre Kelleghan, Thomas McCague, Erika Rix, and Sally Russell

Published by Springer (September, 2015)
Co-authored by Erika Rix, Kim Hay, Sally Russell, and Rich Handy

by William Paolini, Springer; 2013 edition (September 5, 2013)
Contributed descriptions of using zoom and wide-field eyepieces.

by Lambert Spix and Frank Gasparini, Published by Oculum-Verlag (Dec 2011)
Contributed Bullialdus sketch from 2011.

by Mike D. Reynolds and Michael E. Bakich, Morton Publishing (2015)
Contributed lunar sketches.

by the British Astronomical Society
Contributed tutorial on how to sketch H-alpha solar features.

by Peter Grego, Philip’s (December 17, 2015)
Contributed a sketch of lunar craters Theophilus, Cyrillus, and Catharina.


Issue 80 – featured “Star Person”
Issue 64 – Solar Sketching III
Issue 59 – Solar Sketching II
Issue 57 – Solar Observing & Sketching

January 2016 Issue – Astro Sketching – Kneaded erasers

November 2015 Issue – Astro Sketching – Catch the fleeting ISS

October 2015 Issue – Astro Sketching – Solar prominences

September 2015 Issue – Astro Sketching – Sketch Minkowski’s nebulae

July 2015 Issue – Astro Sketching – Think positive

June 2015 Issue – Astro Sketching – Galaxy groupings

May 2015 Issue – Astro Sketching – Black paper

March 2015 Issue – Astro Sketching – An award for sketching

February 2015 Issue – Astro Sketching – Two perspectives

January 2015 Issue – Astro Sketching – The feeling is mutual; ‘Where are the women in amateur astronomy?‘ by Karen Jennings – including short interview

December 2014 Issue – Astro Sketching – Star-rich views

November 2014 Issue – Astro Sketching – Creating unresolved stars; ‘When astronomy gives you goosebumps‘ by Michael Bakich – including two of my goosebump moments

October 2014 Issue – Astro Sketching – Sketching a lunar eclipse

September 2014 Issue – Featured article ‘Animating the Moon – Move over, Pixar, Erika Rix made a movie out of the Moon.’; Web Extra – Sketching Moon Phases – See how one amateur astronomer drew one lunation and put her observations in motion.; Astro Sketching – Comparing magnifications

July 2014 Issue – Astro Sketching – Star death

June 2014 Issue – Astro Sketching – Get stumped

May 2014 Issue – Astro Sketching – Tracking asteroids

April 2014 Issue – Astro Sketching – Processing your sketch

March 2014 Issue – Featured article ‘Sketch the Messier objects in one night’; Astro Sketching – Mastering Jupiter’s atmosphere

February 2014 Issue – Astro Sketching – Realistic eyepiece sketches

January 2014 Issue – Astro Sketching – Very faint nebulae

December 2013 Issue – Astro Sketching – Capturing comets

October 2013 Issue – Astro Sketching – Our amazing Moon

September 2013 Issue – Astro Sketching – Sketching small planetaries

July 2013 Issue – Astro Sketching – On the trail of dark nebulae

June 2013 Issue – Astro Sketching – Filtered solar views

April 2013 Issue – Astro Sketching – Targeting galaxies

March 2013 Issue – Astro Sketching – The Messier Marathon

February 2013 Issue – Astro Sketching – Stars and Nebulosity

January 2013 Issue – Astro Sketching – *New Column for Astronomy Magazine*Target – Winter Clusters

May 2010 Issue – Solar sketch included in Michael Bakick’s Fun Observing the Sun article

March 2013 Issue – Globular cluster M79 at the eyepiece with white paper, graphite, blending stump and tortillon, assorted graphites and black felt-tipped pen for the Drawn to the Universe article

December 2012 Issue – Jupiter and Europa at the eyepiece with white card stock, graphite – colorized in Photoshop CS2 for the Drawn to the Universe article

September 2012 Issue – Lunar stippling at the eyepiece with black artist’s pens on white cardstock for the Drawn to the Universe article

July 2012 Issue – White pastel on black paper sketching featuring close up solar prominences for the Drawn to the Universe article

March 2012 Issue – Charcoal sketching featuring Mars for the Drawn to the Universe article

December 2011 issue – Charcoal lunar sketching featuring Erastosthenes for the Drawn to the Universe article

June 2011 Issue – Solar sketch included in Jeremy Perez’s Drawn to the Universe article

May 2009 Issue – NEAF article that included mention regarding Sol Robbins, myself, and Springer with Astronomical Sketching

(other mentions for NEAF solar workshop 2010)

  • Practical Astronomer

Vol. 4, Issue 3 – Portrait of a solar observer and sketcher

Vol. 67, No. 1, December 2014 – ALCon 2014 presenter mention

Issue 1 (online magazine) – Sketching the Sun

  • Various Astronomy Newsletters


  • NEAF 2010 Interview – with Tom Trusock




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