Sky Tour 2006

Following Sky Tour 2005, our little group of Cloudy Night members expanded from 5 in 2005 to 17 observers in 2006. I’m not certain if our group outnumbered the club members there that hosted the Sky Tour event, but they welcomed us graciously regardless.

This time, we had a few people from other states join in (other than Jim Winter who is one of the original five from 2005 that lives in PA), such as my buddy Scott Kroeppler and his two kids from Arizona, friends Tom Trusock and Gary Gibbs from Michigan, and Rick B from Illinois. If anyone wonder’s how the word gets around for such events, you can take a peek into our thread that started 1/22/06 on Cloudy Nights.

Back row, left to right: Zach, John, Jim, Lenny, Patrick, Paul, Tom and Dave
Front row, left to right: Erika, Diane, Scott H, Rick, Gary, David, Scott K, Katie, and Andy

And to nab a post of mine from CN in 2006:

Here’s Paul (not my Paul, but a great guy nevertheless). He’s one of the ones from the club that hosts this shindig. It’s such a good time and it’s people like him that make it that way. They include us in and welcome us with open arms, making us feel right at home.

Here’s the club house and shelter house. It looks like they’re getting ready to grill supper for us all. In the club house, we set up our images with the others for everyone to view and look through on their spare time. They also have non stop coffee…and if the pot’s empty, we could just start a fresh batch in the 30 cup percolator.

We had the same cook as the year before, and it made my day to see him. He comes around with a paper plate and a pen to take everyone’s orders.

Paul was able to grab an image of the Trifid Nebula and Lenny let me test drive his DS SM 40 on a Celestron 102mm (if memory serves me right) for a solar sketch.

Above all else, it was a great weekend of friendship, observing, and laughs. We tried out each others’ gear, sat around and told stories, great food, a presentation from a gentleman from NASA who showed up with his two girls, and basically just enjoyed each others’ company and the night (and day) skies!


~ by Erika Rix on July 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sky Tour 2006”

  1. Cool photos, thanks for including my rockets, lol. I have got to get a peice of solar filter for my 102mm refractor soon.
    I miss hanging with the gang.I will soon, hopefully

  2. […] there were 5 (Sky Tour 2005). Then there were 17 (Sky Tour 2006). We projected the year 2007 to have even a larger gathering of Cloudy Nights members to attend the […]

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