Inconstant Moon – “Explore the Moon… discover its dramatic features and phenomena – often beautiful, sometimes bizarre, always changing. Inconstant Moon will take you on a new tour each night, with maps, photos, explanations, animations, selected links and even music! “

LPOD – Lunar Photo of the Day – Daily lunar images, information, and discussions – by Chuck Wood

Rukl-Based Index to the Moon – Love your Rukl atlas? Jim Mosher created a clickable online map using Rukl’s indexing.

The Moon – LPI – Includes lunar images and mapping

Virtual Moon Atlas – Superb freeware for lunar observation and survey – written by Patrict Chevalley and Christian Legrand

Virtual Moon Atlas – Beginner’s Tutorial – Article to assist beginners in locating features on the moon and using the VMA program – by Erika Rix


~ by Erika Rix on February 7, 2011.

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