2014 01 25, 23.93-day Moon and Saturn

Libration favored a decent view of the eastern rim of Mare Orientale. The refractor telescope used flipped the view, so that in the sketch, the rim of Mare Orientale is to the right next to the libration pointer. I didn’t bother with a close-up sketch of the region, but you can see the darkened lines of Lacus Autumni and Lacus Veris. Montes Rook and Montes Cordillera are the highlighted lines. There was minimal indentation on limb.

2014 01 25, 0930-1230 UT (-6) 23.93-day Moon
Erika Rix, Texas
102mm f/9.8 refractor, LXD75, 20mm, 50x, no filter
S: Antoniadi II, T: 2/6 improving to 5/6, 26F, 39% H, c/c
Colongitude: 202.3°
Phase: 255.4°
Lunation: 23.93 days
Illumination: 37.4%

20140125 23.93day Moon

Eyepiece sketch on black Strathmore Artagain paper, white Conte crayon, white charcoal pencil, black Derwent charcoal pencil, black woodless oil pencil, blending stump.


At 7am CST, Saturn could be seen just under 1 degree of angular separation from the Moon.


~ by Erika Rix on January 26, 2014.

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