2012 12 19 – NGC 1904 / M79

2012 12 19, 0525 UT NGC 1904 / M79, constellation Lepus
Erika Rix, Texas http://www.pcwobservatory.com
AT6RC f/9 1370mm, LXD75, Hyperion 8-24mm Mark III @8mm, 171x
64F, 88% H, S: P4-5, T: 2/5-4/6, Alt 33deg 32´, Az 169deg 28´

Globular cluster, Class V, constellation Lepus, 05h 24m 10.6s, -24º 31′ 27″, 7.7 vm, size 8.7´

20121219 M79

Eyepiece sketch on white photocopy paper with black super-fine felt tipped pen for and #2 pencil, 0.5mm mechanical pencil, blending stump for the nebulosity. General Observing Form template.


~ by Erika Rix on March 19, 2013.

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