20121118 – Sun in Hydrogen Alpha

“But she’s a sketcher!”

Yes, but now and again, it’s fun to try my hand at imaging. Having recently acquired a Canon EOS 60D through a rewards’ deal (love it when I feel like we get something for free!), I was eager to have a play with using it at the telescope. It hasn’t been modded for astro-imaging and to tell you the truth, that sort of an upgrade would be lost on someone who prefers pencil and paper – in other words, someone like me. It took a 2.5x Barlow to reach focus and as you can see, the focus is still soft. There’s a way to hook the camera up to my laptop as a means of achieving a crisp image and some day, I’ll have my astro-imaging husband, Paul, show me the ropes. He was kind enough to spend the little bit of free time he has these days processing my images for the finished photo below.

There were nine active regions scattered across the disk that day: ARs 1610-1616, 1618 and 1619. For some reason, I didn’t pull out my white light rig for a comparison and didn’t record good notes that day as a refresher. I do recall the very large prominence on display that day. It’s located at the 12 o’clock position on the image above. Shortly after taking the photo images of the Sun with my Canon, I grabbed a quick sketch of that prominence. Later that day, the prominence’s magnetic field lost its integrity and the prominence broke free and drifted off the limb. I had to work quickly because we know how fast prominences change. Generally my prominence sketches take me 5-10 minutes, or thereabouts, to sketch. That’s easier done when the prominence is small. This beast was so large and intricate that my sketch lacks finesse.


~ by Erika Rix on November 25, 2012.

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