2012 10 11 – Jupiter and Europa

2012 10 11, 0700-0730UT – Jupiter
Zhumell 16” reflector(f/4.5) non-driven Dobsonian mount, 12mm Burgess, 2x Barlow, 300x
Temperature: 14C, Humidity: 88%, Seeing: Antoniadi II, Transparency: 4/6
Filters: 82A blue, 21 Orange

White card stock, graphite – colorized in Photoshop CS2

NPR: two lightened areas toward center and slightly east of center. Center area was the larger of the two. Bluish hue with tanned areas. Slight banding.
NNTeB: Very faint, more apparent to the east and west, reddish tan.
NTeB: Very distinct. Smokey blue edges to the southern edge, darkened blotches to the northern edge. Darkened reddish-brown riff to the preceding quarter of belt.
NEB: Bluish southern edges, festoons becoming fainter-orange reaching up to EB. Lightened yellow/orange areas to the upper eastern quarter of belt with a very dark bluish-brown blotch to the southern edge near eastern limb. Darkened strand to the northern portion of preceding half of belt.
EB: Blue and orange strands with oblong area to the inner quarter of eastern half that is darkened along the areas western edge coming to a point.
SEB: Smokey blue edges with darker brownish-salmon colored band in the middle. Lightened ovals to the northern areas, especially near the eastern limb.
STeB: Very faint, more apparent to the east and west, smokey blue.
SSTeB: Very apparent to the preceding third of the disk with it becoming lightened dramatically leading to the east.
SSTeZ: Darkened areas, hard to distinguish from SPR.
SPR: Streaks of blue/gray/and reddish tones.
Blue-gray limb darkening, lighted to the SE.

NPR – North Polar Region
NNTeB – N. Northern Temperate Belt
NTeB – Northern Temperate Belt
NEB – Northern Equatorial Belt
EB – Equatorial Band

SEB – Southern Equatorial Belt
STeB – Southern Temperate Belt
SSTeB – S. Southern Temperate Belt
SSTeZ – S. Southern Temperate Zone
SPR – South Polar Region


~ by Erika Rix on October 22, 2012.

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