2012 10 20 – Hergenrother (168P)

2012 10 20 – 00213 UT C 168P/Hergenrother
Constellation Pegasus – 23h46.695m/31deg33.093′
Location: TX
16” Zhumell f/4.5, non-tracking Dob, 24-8mm Hyperion @ 8mm, 225x
S: P5, T: 2, Moon 27.5% illumination, Temp: 61F, H: 50%

Moon to the West at 4.59 d lunation with illumination of 27.5% washed out details of comet and nearby faint stars. Comet appeared smaller because of this.

Eyepiece sketch created on white photocopy paper, super-fine felt tipped artist pen, #2 pencil, 0.5mm mechanical pencil, blending stump.

eyepiece sketch before inverting


~ by Erika Rix on October 21, 2012.

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