2012 10 19 – NGC 221 / M32 / UGC452 / Arp 168

2012 10 19, 0218 UT NGC 221 / M32 / UGC452 / Arp 168
Erika Rix – Liberty Hill, Texas
16” Zhumell reflector f/4.5 on a non-tracking Dobsonian mount
12mm Burgess, 2x Barlow, 300x
54F, 54% H, S: P5, T: 2/5
Alt 50deg 58´, Az 61deg 30´

Dwarf satellite elliptical galaxy of M31 in Andromeda, 0h 42.7m, +40deg52´, Type cE2, 011.0´ x 7.3´, m8.1v, SB 12.7

Located SE of M31. Very brightened nucleus that gradually become diffuse and is elongated NNW to SSE. It’s suggested that M31’s tidal field has pulled some of the outer layer away from M32, transforming it into its elliptical shape. The brightened center of this galaxy is the result of stars concentrating around its supermassive black hole.

Taken from Universe Today:

“By probing deeply into Messier 32, we’ve learned this little galaxy is home to mainly mature red and yellow stars. And they’re good housekeepers, too… because there’s practically no dust or gas to be found. While this seems neat and tidy, it also means there isn’t any new star formation going on either, but there are signs of some lively doings in the not too distant past. Because M32 has shared “space” with neighboring massive M31, the strong tidal field of the larger galaxy may have ripped away what once could have been spiral arms – leaving only its central bulge and triggering starburst in the core. “

Information on black holes: Wikipedia – Black Hole

Eyepiece sketch before inverting

Eyepiece sketch on white photocopy paper with black super-fine felt tipped pen for and #2 pencil, blending stump for the nebulosity. Template is from the Astronomical League.


~ by Erika Rix on October 21, 2012.

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