October 2012 Issue – Sidereal Times

The October 2012 issue of Sidereal Times for the Austin Astronomical Society is now available for download.

Click the following link for the PDF version: October 2012 issue (3.9 MB)

Inside this issue, you’ll find:

President’s Corner
GA and EC Minutes
Presenter Details
Member Services Update
Outreach Events
Image of the Month
New Members
Treasurer’s Report
Observing Targets
Developing a Dark Site
Phil and Skip’s Excellent Astro Adventure
Guest Spotlight
Member Gallery
EZ Gazer Review
ATIK Off-Axis Guider Review
Endeavour’s Fly By
Eldorado Star Party
Contact Info
Renewing Membership

Please contact me if you’re interested in joining the club or wish for more information! It’s a very active club and has a great outreach program.


~ by Erika Rix on October 5, 2012.

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