2008 05 24 – M97 and M108

Report and sketches from the crypt:

2008 05 24, 2230ST – 0030ST (2008 05 25, 0230UT – 0430UT)
PCW Memorial Observatory, Zanesville, Ohio, USA
Erika Rix

Temp: 55F/12.8C
Winds: calm
Humidity: 55%
Seeing: Pickering V
Transparency: Poor

Orion ED80 w/diagonal, LXD75, 20mm TV Plossl, 12mm Burgess, NSOG 2-399 for reference material, Pocket Atlas

Sketch Media:
Copy paper, Jeremy Perez’ DSO templates, .5mm mechanical pencil, graphite stick

M97 (NGC 3587) (Owl Nebula)

Started the observation off with a 20mm TV plossl. The planetary nebula was barely noticeable as a faint fuzzy patch just to the left of 3 brighter stars. Conditions were too poor to view with the 8mm TV plossl so I settled with a 12mm Burgess.

The fainter stars were twinkling, making it difficult to render all of them accurately, so I stopped with the brighter stars. The few stars I added near the edge of the nebula were so faint that I’m not sure I’ve got them properly placed. I’ll look it up later to compare my drawing with my Starry Night’s software.

A satellite moved from west to east in the FOV at the end of this observation.

M108 (NGC 3556)

This galaxy was much easier to find after my eyes were better adjusted to the darkness. I had my red light a little too bright after writing in my notes from the previous target. This galaxy was very faint with patchy appearance. There was a larger patch to the eastern portion, smaller patch to the western.


~ by Erika Rix on August 31, 2012.

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