2009 11 12 – NGC7479/H 1.55/UCG 12343 and NGC7814/H 2.240/UGC 8

Report and sketch from the crypt:

2009 Nov 12, 0230-0600 UT
PCW Memorial Observatory, Ohio
Erika Rix

Zhumell 16”, AT Titan 38mm, 21-7mm Zhumell
Temp: 2.7C, H: 79%
P: 8, T: 5/6
Clear, calm

This was first light for the Zhumell 16”. Paul and I assembled it earlier today and I was able to get a quick view of the Dumbell and Jupiter with its moons before supper. Later, Paul was with the LX200 imaging the Pinwheel galaxy and started my session with the Zhumell in Pegasus for some galaxy hunting. I was able to grab a sketch of NGC 7479, a barred spiral galaxy, and NGC 7814, a lenticular galaxy using the zoom EP at 21mm. 7479 had a hint of two faint stars in the middle of it and the end of the galaxy appeared to wrap upward and around the stars. 7814 had two sets of faint stars to either side of the SE portion of the galaxy. At first this galaxy appeared to be a slightly elongated circle. After observing it a little longer, it became oblong with a brighter core.

Sticking the 38 Titan back in the eyepiece holder, I couldn’t resist a scan of the Milky Way. The double cluster had never looked so brilliant with an abundance of stars like I’ve never seen before. With that eyepiece, you almost feel like you’re falling through it for an up-close view (thank you again, Astronomics!). Heading toward Orion, M42 expanded further out visually and with a bluish hue. NGC 2024 looked like the head of a crescent wrench and M45 practically lit up my face through the WA eyepiece with a tinge of green.

Auriga and the local area were packed full of the usual treats: NCGs 1907, 1912, 1960, 2099, 1893, and 1778 to name a few.

The Crab nebula (M1) was very bright and the notch could be detected, although I didn’t spend enough time with it to explore any filamentary details within it.


~ by Erika Rix on August 24, 2012.

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