2006 11 25 – M34/NGC1039

Report and sketch from the crypt:

The equipment used was an LXD75 German Equatorial mount with an Orion ED80 and Telrad in a very light polluted small town.

2006 11 25, 0050-0145 UT
M34, NGC1039
02h42.0m + 42deg47’
Star count: 60
Diameter: 35’
Apparent magnitude: 5.2 visual with the brightest star 7.33 visual
Approx. magnification: 30x

Open Cluster in Perseus discovered by Charles Messier in August of 1764. It is classified under the star cluster Trumpler system, which is a three part code that takes degree of concentration, range in brightness of the stars within the cluster, and degree of richness. M34 has been assigned Tr type II3m. Basically this means that according to Trumpler classification, M34 is detached and has weak concentration toward the center of the cluster, large range in brightness, and moderately rich with between 50-100 stars. It is thought that M34 is ~180 million years old and 1500 LY away.


~ by Erika Rix on August 23, 2012.

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