20110812 – Solar Prominences

The solar limb was busy with scattered prominences yesterday. I dusted off my colored Conte’ pastel crayons and Prang color pencils for this session. I normally like the comfort of my grey shades, so it was a little bit of a challenge for me to render the crisp, faint details of the prominences in a media that I just don’t have much experience using. The upside is that after photographing the sketches, there was little adjusting to do in Photoshop compared to doing a monochrome sketch and then trying to digitally colorize it. The only adjustments I made were using the “shadow/highlight” tool.

I still believe that monochrome sketching shows the faintest details in prominence structure in the sketch, but color lends itself to other details that would have otherwise been missed…such as a truer representation of the color we see visually as well as how difficult it can be to observe the faintest structures of prominences.

I have a full disk sketch that I still need to upload from yesterday’s session, but have run out of time before needing to get for work this afternoon.

The paper used is my normal Strathmore Artagain.


~ by Erika Rix on August 13, 2011.

One Response to “20110812 – Solar Prominences”

  1. […] other day, I posted a few of the major areas of prominence on the limb from 2011 08 12 Solar Prominences. One was near AR 1266 and the other was near AR 1270. The one on the eastern edge was more compact […]

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