2011 06 27 – NGC 5322 / H 1. 256 / UGC 8745

This is a type E3-4 galaxy, 06.1’ x 4.1’, m10.2v, SB 13.6 found at 13h49.3m +60°12¢ in Ursa Major. Distance is ~100 million light years. It was slightly elongated with diffuse edges and a concentrated core.

NGC 5322 image from the NGC IC Project

click for inverted view

It’s always fun to study galaxy morphology and classification. In the case of NGC 5322, it’s an elliptical galaxy somewhere between the middle of circular and highly elongated in shape. In other words, oval leaning toward elongated. Generally, elliptical galaxies show very little to no structural details other than a brightened nucleus. They gradually diffuse outward from the nucleus into a halo with no definite edges.

Classification and Morphology of External Galaxies By G. De Vaucouleurs


~ by Erika Rix on July 6, 2011.

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