2011 06 30 – SW Prom by Dave Tyler

A solar friend from the UK, Dave Tyler, took this image of the SW prominence on June 30th, 2011. His image was taken at 0757 UT, ~ 6 1/2 hours prior to my sketch of that same area. He told me during our correspondence regarding this region, “Yes it was faint , I had to drop down to a slow camera speed to capture it. I tended to ignore all the others as this was such a gem.” And a gem it was!

Dave has an incredible talent for capturing amazing detail in his images. He uses an AP130 with a Coronado 90 etalon and Daystar ATM .65A and his camera is a Flea3.

sun2011june30 by Dave Tyler

Photo Credit: Dave Tyler, UK

This was a very large, faint and fine prominence, it seems to have “erupted” from the bright region on the limb (shown in negative on the disc)

For more of Dave’s images, please visit: Dave Tyler’s Astrophotography.

As a visual observer/sketcher, I really have to work to pull the faintest details from my view. In my Coronado, I center the feature I’m concentrating on to the areas in my field of view that will show the best detail. Little adjustments are then made to the etalon. Faint details will pop out during these adjustments.

Eyes can detect movement of faint objects against a dark background easier than they can if the features are still. I gently slew the scope side to side so that my target is slightly moving. Once I notice the fainter features, I stop the scope movement and really concentrate on the new faint areas that caught my attention.


~ by Erika Rix on July 3, 2011.

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