2011 06 29, NGC 5962/H 2. 96/UGC 9926

This is a type SA(r)c II-III galaxy, 02.6’ x 1.8’, m11.3v, SB 12.9 found at 15h36.5m +16°37¢ in Serpens Caput. Distance is ~97.85 million light years. It had diffuse edges and a slightly stellar core at 225x, elongated.

This was a fairly easy target to spot with my 13mm Ethos. After studying the field stars around this galaxy, I popped in the 12mm Burgess to limit the number of stars around my target for the sketch. I eventually put in my 8mm TV Plossl in an attempt to pick out stars within the core.

In the article linked below, you can find out more about SA(r) classification:

Type II Morphology for Classification and Morphology of External Galaxies – by By G. De Vaucouleurs

SA (r) : has a small, sharp, very bright and round nucleus isolated in the center of a circular ring at the edge of which emerge many tightly wound filamentary spiral arms or arcs; the nucleus and ring often merge and disappear in the over-exposed image of the central bulge (as illustrated), but the high multiplicity of the spiral pattern is usually sufficient for identification; a weak outer ring (R) made up of many closely coiled spiral arcs is often present in early stages of this sequence.

Here’s a nice photo with a map of the surrounding star names developed by Ed Walendowski and Steve Reilly. Just put your cursor over the image for the pop up information.

My Sky Map Org. – by Ed Walendowski and Steve Reilly

Click on the image to the left for a larger inverted view.


~ by Erika Rix on June 29, 2011.

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