2011 06 17 h-alpha, NOAAs 11236, 11234

Sketches created scope-side with black Strathmore Artagain paper, white Conte’ crayon and pencil, Derwent charcoal pencil, black oil pencil

There were two active regions listed today that I observed in h-alpha, 11236 and 11234. NOAA 11236 was spread out more compared to 11234, although 11234’s plage was more distinct. There was a very long slender filament reaching up and around 1236.

A very large, beautiful, fast-moving prominence graced our presence on the SE limb. I had to check a few times once I came back into the house to make sure it wasn’t the western limb putting on a show on the SOHO website. But I was certain of the FOV drift when I turned off the mount and it is indeed a SE prom. It is particularly distinctive because of a very bright, flat plage area to the N inner limb of the prominence where the faintest arm of the prominence reaches away from the brighter main area of plasma.

I took a break from drawing the prominence to sketch the full disk, only to find that it looked like a crescent hanging far above the limb by the time I came back. Pushing for more magnification, I could, of course, observe the faint areas connecting the whole area together.


~ by Erika Rix on June 17, 2011.

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