NGC 5448 (H 2. 691) – 2010 07 13

2010 July 13, 0255UT-0327UT

NGC 5448, H 2. 691, UGC 8969       Constellation Ursa Major

Galaxy Type (R)SAB(r)a, 0.3.9’x1.9’, m11.0v, SB 13.1, 14h02.8m +49°10’

PCW Memorial Observatory, Ohio USA – Erika Rix

16” Zhumell, 13mm Ethos, 138x magnification

S: P.5, T: 1/6, H: >90%, Temp: 22.3°C-21.3°C

Photo image:

This galaxy is about 2’x0.5’ and runs ESE-WNW. The core looked stellar. A 13th magnitude star lies 4.25’ south of it. Appeared faint and smooth with no definite edges.

“A Bar Signature and Central Disk in the Gaseous and Stellar Velocity Fields of NGC 5448”:

Sketch created scopeside with white card stock, #2 pencil and an ultra fine black marker.


~ by Erika Rix on July 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “NGC 5448 (H 2. 691) – 2010 07 13”

  1. Very nice sketch! I like the amount of structure and detail you included!

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