Two imagers, 10 and 8 day old Moons

It’s obvious that I’m not the imager of the family but it’s fun to take a photo now and again with my Rebel and tripod.

4 years later (minus a few weeks), Paul imaged the 8.6-day Moon with the ED80 and DSI III Pro. Notice the libration differences between the two images allowing us to see more (or less) features near the limb on any certain day or time.

Regardless if it’s a waxing or waning stage, a closer look at a full phase image is so peaceful and solitary that it begs to be gazed at. It’s no wonder a person can sit down with a pair of binoculars or telescope and lose track of time soaking in the details as the hours drift by.


~ by Erika Rix on July 5, 2010.

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