2010 06 30, Cauchy

2010 06 30, 0533-0839 UT, Cauchy, rilles, & domes

PCW Memorial Observatory, OH, USA, Erika Rix

Zhumell 16”, 12mm Burgess, 2x Barlow, 300x mag

Temp: 11.2°-9.7°C, > 90% humidity, S: Antoniadi III increasing to II-I

Phase: 118°

Lunation: 17.77 d, Illumination: 87.2%

Lib. Lat: -3°28’, Lib. Long: +00°33’

Az: 135°22’, Alt: 25°44’

The simple crater Cauchy is located in Mare Tranquillitatis and sports Rupes Cauchy and Rima Cauchy on either side of it.  Even though the fault and rilles were interesting to study, the two domes located to the SW of Cauchy is what brought me to this area tonight. Omega Cauchy’s little summit crater was even visible as seeing increased.  I’ve accidently sketched Tau a little larger than it appeared through the eyepiece. I couldn’t erase since I was working with ink.

The sketch was created scopeside on Rite in the Rain paper and ultra fine permanent marker. This was very fun to do, but I believe next time, I’ll need to wear my reading glasses. All those dots were running into each other visually by the time I finished the sketch.


~ by Erika Rix on June 30, 2010.

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