2010 05 05 – ARs 11069, 11067, 11068

A blast from the past in 2010

I must have been in a hurry the day I recorded the Sun. It would have been at PCW Memorial Observatory with my double stacked Maxscope 60mm on an LXD 75 mount. Looking at that date on

Speaceweather.com (May 5, 2010), it appears that active regions 11069, 11067, 11068 were present. Looking at my sketch, there was a fast-moving prominence ~ at 250 degrees PA (11:30 o’clock on the sketch). I noted the time above it which means that I started a sequence to record that particular prominence.

The winds must have been too much for me to continue on. I managed a close up of that prom, but didn’t go any further than that and failed to write a report.


~ by Erika Rix on May 5, 2010.

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