2005 12 12 first close up prominence sketch

2005 12 12

I couldn’t believe my luck when I went outside and found a few openings in between the clouds. I don’t believe I’ve ever entered the house so fast and especially can’t believe that it didn’t end up with tears because of how icy our porch steps are. Never the less, John’s PST was safely set up on the driveway and after covering my head and the EP with a spare sweater I found in my truck, there were views to be had in between the clouds.

Because the thin cloud layers came and went, it was a bit difficult making out the exact shapes of this prominence. But all at once, the skies opened up for the clearest view yet, and I was happy that my sketch was as accurate as I could muster.

Now, the orientation always messes me up. The sun is to be orientated by celestial N, W, E, and S. So I had thought this prominence was on the eastern limb. Would someone please let me know otherwise if I’m mistaken?

If it helps, it was located on the left through the EP with a PST scope.


Oh, and just for grins, I inverted the sketch to see what it’d look like with a black background….


~ by Erika Rix on December 12, 2005.

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