2005 12 08 Solar White Light: ARs 826, 830, 833

2005 Dec 8
white filter

On that morning, the clouds were coming in quickly and at lower magnification, I didn’t really notice what I believe is 833. At higher magnification, those two little spots stuck out like a sore thumb. The Wilson effect was very obvious in 826, although I wonder if it can still be called the Wilson Effect if you don’t see penumbra?

There was however a beautiful hotter area around 826 going inwards towards the middle of the Sun. Almost reaching towards the 833 group. You can see this area by the almost white blotches on my sketch. Speaking of 833, I was a little surprised I didn’t see it on Space weather.com website for that day (white usually shows up the following day, meaning yesterday morning).

Can someone remind me how I record the direction on the sketch? Is it as if I’m on the Sun looking at Earth? Or as if I’m on Earth looking at the Sun?

I have also sketch a bit through the PST that John Crilly lent me, capturing two prominences close to each other. What a sweet scope…and yes, Ron…even though John warned me, I do believe I see one of these scopes making it to my home in the hopefully near future. How easy to use and it works a charm set up next to the other scope’s with their white filters.


~ by Erika Rix on December 8, 2005.

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